val or jelly - xe/he/it/mew/cloud - minor

hiya !! you can call me val or jelly ! my pronouns are xe/he/it/mew/cloud

im a self taught artist and a beginner coder ! i created this site as a way for me to practice coding and to experiment with html + CSS while also being able to share my interests in a cute + fun way ! im also demipanromantic, ace, boyflux, transmasc + xenogender ! i'll add the link to my gender hoard here soon or maybeee create a section for it :0


LIKES: plushies !!, crocheting, tea, bunnies, cats, rats, stickers, anime, cute stuff, spicy food and music

DISLIKES: loud noises, fluorescent lights, frosting/icing (too sweet!!)

HOBBIES: drawing, listening to music, collecting plushies, coding, sleeping

| i agere (age regress) and agedre (age dream) sometimes :3 | little age 5-9 |


val may be described as being quiet and reserved...mew is often seen carring around a greenish-blue plush dino named greenbean (he/it). at first jelly isn't very talkative due to being selectively mute in most social situations and being nonverbal when over/understimulated, it doesn't talk very often so mew has a hard time making and maintaining relationships. but val loves to info dump about clouds interests to clouds close friends + family...!

(going to add buttons/blinkies/stamps that represent me here)